Concierge Services

Protecting What’s Yours

Our Concierge Team Are Fully Licensed Security Officers

Having concierge services in your building makes a statement like no other. A concierge is a warm friendly alternative to a standard uniformed security guard and provides a wealth of hospitality services that residents truly value.
Our concierge team are fully licensed security officers who are capable of conducting daily tasks to more security related issues suchas monitoring alarms and cameras for potential break ins, fires, flooding and working with authorities for the best response times.
10 Years Of Experience
For us, being a one-stop shop for security guard services means being able to meet and adapt to our clients’ needs allowing you to make better security-related decisions.
100% Satisfaction
Our security guards are supported by the latest technological innovations which improves response times in the event of an emergency
24/7 Security Service
Enjoy total confidence in our security guards knowing they have the training, as well as the health and safety certifications they need to protect

Need To Hire Security?

We strive to provide the highest levels of service to our clients. If you have reason for complaint or have a general question about our services, please contact us.